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The card catalog in the International Poetry Room isn’t just gorgeous - it’s an index to mounted artworks by famous artists and (even better) the Pittsburgh Artists File. Not everything can be found on the internet (alas!); CLP’s reference librarians have been updating this collection of newspaper clippings, exhibition catalogs, and more since the 1930s. #pittsburgh #pittsburghart #clpteens #librarytourtuesday



The Titans are coming. Attack on Titan Starts May 3rd at 11:30pm on Toonami!

Finally, Attack on Titan for US broadcast! Even if you are a long time AoT fan, there are definitely reasons to tune in next Saturday. The excitement of seeing it on TV, an awesome cast, and according to animenewsnetwork the dub uses the improved animation from the DVD releases in Japan!


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Our Main - Teen Department’s top 10 circulating titles from March have been posted. Notice anything?


Hayao Miyazaki: “I’d like more of the world to go back to being wild.”

Happy Earth Day! These gifs are from Princess Mononoke, a great Earth Day (or any day) movie to watch.

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Incredible infographic detailing the taxonomy of emcee aliases. Learn how many of them “made their name” by checking out Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-hop Generation.


Didn’t even get to close the search string before I was told I was wrong. 

Yikes! I guess this is a good reminder for everyone to think about whether the way they react to characters is influenced by gender.

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SO. MANY. CUTE. ANIMAL. BOOKS. (So little time.)

But if you do find time, they’re available at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh!

ZooBorns!: Zoo Babies from Around the World, by Andrew Bleiman
Shake, by Carli Davidson
Monkey Portraits, by Jill Greenberg
Dog Shaming, by Pascale Lemire
I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet, by Ken Foster
Underwater Dogs, by Seth Casteel
Kittenhood: Life-Size Portraits of Kittens in Their First 12 Week, by Sarah Beth Ernhart
Photobooth Dogs, by Cameron Woo
ZooBorns Cats!: The Newest, Cutest Kittens and Cubs from the World’s Zoos, by Andrew Bleiman


Hummingbird robotics kit for artists and hobbyists. 

Look like something you want to get your hands on? The Hummingbird robotics kit, along with Scratch, Thimble, and Makey Makey (oh my!) will be part of the Teen Time: Remake Digital Learning Corps program at CLP - Woods Run this Tuesday from 4 - 6 pm!

This week in The Labs!

Turn yourself into a digital puppet using Adobe After Effects.

More Labs creations! Teens even got to meet and hold a Bess Beetle, courtesy of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

A teen made this in the Labs workshop last week at CLP - East Liberty. It’s pretty much amazing. What will happen this week???


What’s your faction?

Pretty sure I’m Amity.